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130                          LETTERS   FROM   THE


I dined and spent a merry evening at Madame
de Maulde's. Her daughter Eugenie is a very
fine girl. M. de Maulde resides at Melun, and
deals in wood and charcoal.

I have a letter from M. le Moine and his wife,
full of friendship and tenderness. Her health is
much impaired. They live at Mortagne, en Perche,
upon the proceeds of a small estate in that neigh-
bourhood, and contrive to make it do. Alas !
why am I poor ? I mean to go and see their
daughter, Madame des Entelles.

I find Dominick Meade has a madame chez
lui; for he sent me a letter from a young man of
twenty-five who lives near him, quite a Nicodernus
or grand-cousin; and as it was addressed to an
uncle at Martin^es, he desired me to read it first
lest it should contain anything improper. I accord-
ingly opened it, and found mention of M. Meade,
Anglais-Americain, fort aimaUe homme, ainsi que
Madame son epouse. The letter is worthy the pen
of a comic writer, and I must copy one sentence.
" Si fa (to his uncle, who is every now and then
vous) me voyais, tu ne me r6conna!trois plus, tant
je suis chang^. Je jouis d'une bonne santd, gras et
gros comme un moine B<žnúdictin. J'ai les ciieveux